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What is Multiphysics?

What is Multiphysics?


So, what is multiphysics? Why do we need it? How do we use it, and what are the challenges?

The NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group held this free "What is Multiphysics" webinar to discuss these issues and more. An experienced panel looked at how we define the term 'multiphysics', as well as examining other aspects related to multidisciplinary and multiscale topics.

Who should attend?

Everyone interested in multiphysics who wants to learn more about its application, challenges involved, and how to engage fully with the technology.

Key Takeaways

Attendees heared about how the working group defines multiphysics, why the industry needs it, and the challenges involved in implementing and using the technology.

This free webinar was an excellent bite-size introduction to multiphysics, and a useful refresher for those with more experience in the area, or those who want to get more involved with the topic within NAFEMS and their career.


  • Welcome & Introduction
  • How is multiphysics defined?
  • Why do we need it?
  • multiphysics applications
  • Challenges when performing multiphysics simulation


The following members of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group presented:

  • Diego D’Udekem
  • Henrik Nordborg
  • Alfred Svobodnik
  • Bernhard Peters
  • Moji Moatamedi
  • Anup Puri

View the recording here View the presentation here

Note: The recording is only available to NAFEMS members.

The NAFEMS Multiphysics Community

The Multiphysics Community allows the NAFEMS membership to engage with experts on the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group. The Multiphysics Working Group community is only accessible to NAFEMS members and no significant knowledge or expertise is required to participate. The only requirement is a desire to learn more and interact with other engineers and scientists who have an interest in Multiphysics analysis and simulation. More information can be found on the Multiphysics Community webpage.

If you are a member of NAFEMS and you would like to join the Multiphysics Community, please use the button below to submit your details (login required) to receive information on upcoming Multiphysics Community events.

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