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What is Multiphysics

So, what is multiphysics? Why do we need it? How do we use it, and what are the challenges? This NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group webinar "What is Multiphysics" discusses these issues and more. An experienced panel looks at how we define the term 'multiphysics', as well as examining other aspects related to multidisciplinary and multiscale topics.

This webinar is an excellent bite-size introduction to multiphysics, and a useful refresher for those with more experience in the area, or those who want to get more involved with the topic within NAFEMS and their career.

Document Details

AuthorsSvobodnik. A Nordberg. H Moatamedi. M Puri. A Peters. B D'Udekem. D
AudiencesEducator Student Manager
Date 25th June 2020
OrganisationsMVOID Group HSR University of Applied Sciences MULTIPHYSICS University of Luxembourg Free Field Technologies


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