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Simulation Data Management – What About my Spreadsheets?

Simulation Data Management – What About my Spreadsheets?

An approach for capturing data from simulation and modeling spreadsheets

Today, many manufacturers are facing tremendous challenges related to the storage and retrieval of simulation data. Product Data Management (PDM) systems are not capable of handling the terabytes of information which are generated as a result of performing these complex simulations. Simulation Data Management (SDM) provides a mechanism for the storage, management, and retrieval of this performance-related data. The Simulation Data Management working group addresses this breakthrough technology by helping the community better understand the benefits gained from implementing a Simulation Data Management system and how to save time, reduce development costs, and improve time-to-market.

The Simulation Data Management working group meet on a monthly basis and during these meetings, invite a vendor to present their simulation data management solution to the group. On Thursday, April 9th we are pleased to welcome Seb Dewhurst and Tim Valachovic from EASA Software to give a presentation on an approach for capturing data from simulation and modeling spreadsheets.

We are inviting any NAFEMS member with an interest and who wants to find out more about simulation data management, to come along and join the meeting.
Following this presentation, the Simulation Data Management Working Group will discuss regular working group business and attendees are welcome to stay, if they wish.


Simulation Data Management is usually thought of in the context of managing the data derived from CAE models such as FEA and CFD. This is not surprising, given that the vendors that provide Simulation Data Management capabilities are attempting to add value to their existing analysis tools.
However, a 2018 survey by NAFEMS revealed that Excel is used extensively as a preliminary design tool, and that there is a trend indicating the usage of Excel is increasing. While the subject of sharing spreadsheets securely has been discussed earlier, this talk will focus on a new capability from EASA that enables easy capture and sharing of users’ data from spreadsheet models.

This approach essentially achieves Simulation Data Management for spreadsheet models, and can be integrated with third party platforms such as Simulation Data Management systems available from Dassault, Siemens, and others.


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Note: The presentation and recording are only available to NAFEMS members.

About the speakers


Sebastian Dewhurst, Business Development Director, EASA Software and Services.

Seb proposed the original EASA concept, and obtained a patent covering the EASA product. Seb has held positions in project management, account management, business development, and ultimately President and CEO of EASA.

Seb obtained his doctorate and bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oxford.


Tim Valachovic has spent 23 years in the software field. Tim's role is to ensure customers' success with the product. He has led the Technical Services team, since EASA's inception. Tim's ability to understand customers problems and to provide highly effective solutions with the EASA platform has been fundamental to EASA's ability to attract and attain blue-chip customers. Tim received his M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.