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International Multiphysics Conference 2023

Multiphysics Conference 2023

A Key Technology for Simulation-Driven Engineering

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Simulation-driven engineering marks a big step towards virtualization of the development of real-world designs, devices, and processes. As our real world is multiphysical in nature, it is natural to see multiphysics CAE-based simulations as a key enabler for simulation-driven engineering. Products are getting increasingly complex, hence industry is constantly faced with new challenges to efficiently develop successful products. Success is not defined by meeting functional requirements alone, but also extends to meeting tighter regulations, faster time-to-market and budgetary expectations, as well as meeting customer expectations for better products.

Realistic multiphysics simulations that predict accurate product properties before a physical prototype is built are key to fulfilling these requirements. As a result, more and more physical disciplines are covered within the context of multiphysics simulations and nowadays utilization is widespread.

While this conference aims to cover the full breadth of multiphysics, we would like to highlight some application classes treated as emerging and future trends that will be discussed within this conference.

  • In collaboration with the NAFEMS Multibody Dynamics Working Group we organized a session focusing on Multiphysics simulations coupling with Multibody Dynamics in the afternoon of 15 November. Attendees of both conferences, the Multiphysics and the consecutive Multibody Dynamics Conference, are equally entitled to attend this session. Special offers are available if you want to attend both conferences.

The conference brings together researchers, developers, teachers, and users of multiphysics simulation methods to present new results, exchange ideas and discuss potential challenges.

It is an excellent opportunity to connect with other practitioners in the field of multiphysics and coupled simulations. It is jointly organized by NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group, The International Society of Multiphysics, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific ­Computing SCAI.

Participation is open to NAFEMS members and non-members. NAFEMS members can participate free of charge as part of their membership using seminar credits.

We look very much forward to welcoming you in Munich.

B​est regards

Y​our NAFEMS Team


Tuesday, 14 November 2023

Session 1 - Welcome / Keynote / Industrial Applications

Welcome & Introduction
A. Svobodnik (Mvoid, AUT), chair of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group

Keynote presentation:
The Role of Machine Learning and Numerical Simulations in the Digitalization of Manufacturing Industry
G. Pozzetti (The Plansee Group, AUT)

An Hybrid Multiphysics – Artificial Intelligence Model for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Thermal Management
Y. Sommerer, J. Richard, C.E. Martin, D. Rojas Avila, A. Pardo Lopez, S. Grihon (Airbus Operations, FRA)

Combined Multi-Physics Battery Simulation for Evaluation of Multi-Disciplinary Safety Scenarios
A. Kospach, K. Jantscher, C. Breitfuß, N. Köster, S. Möller, J. Abraham (Virtual Vehicle Research, AUT); H. Kreimaier (Magna Steyr, AUT); F. Simon (Kreisel Electric, AUT)

Multi-Physics Systems Simulation for Fusion
T. Deighan, M. Tindall, O. Marshall, M. Mavis (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, GBR)

Lunch Break

Session 2 - Multiphysics in Computational Fluid Dynamics / Fluid-Structure Interaction

Dry-Out Time Prediction of Automotive Applications with Water Evaporation CFD using a Meshfree Collocation Approach
J. Lee, S. Rehfeldt, H. Klein (Technical University of Munich); D. Bäder (AUDI)

Coupled Simulations of Tribological Systems using a Multiphysics Computational Method
V. Gravemeier (AdCo Engineering, GER)

Multiphysics Simulations Supporting the Process Development of AlN Crystal Growth by the PVT-Method for Future Applications as Substrate Materials for UV-LEDs
M. Lang, S. K. Tangedipelli (Technical University Amberg-Weiden (OTH), GER; C. Kranert, J. Friedrich (Fraunhofer IISB, GER); M. Hainke (Technical University Amberg-Weiden (OTH) / Fraunhofer IISB, GER)

Investigation of CFD-DEM-FEM Momentum Coupling Results for AWJC Nozzle using preCICE
P. Adhav, X. Besseron, B. Peters (Universite du Luxembourg, LUX)


Session 3 - Multiphysics in Computational Electromagnetics

CEMWG : The Computational Electromagnetics Working Group – Electromagnetism at the Service of Multiphysics Engineering Applications
J. R. Alves (Transvalor, on behalf of the NAFEMS Computational Electromagnetics Working Group (CEMWG), FRA)

Short Circuit Analysis on Distribution Transformer Tank – Simulation Study
J. Cal, L. Michalski (Hitachi Energy Poland, POL)

Numerical Simulation of Electric Arcs in High Voltage Circuit Breakers
R. Fuchs (Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, SUI)

Multiphysics System Simulation of Electronic Components Based on Reduced Order Models Extracted from Field Simulations for Digital Twin Applications
R. Fuger (Cadfem, AUT); M. Hanke, H. Baumgartl (Cadfem Germany, GER); T. Moldaschl, G. Grosso (Silicon Austria Labs, AUT)


Session 4 - Verification & Validation / Acoustics / Keynote presentation

On the Verification and Validation of an Electro-Thermal-Mechanical Coupled Manufacturing Process on the Example of Resistance Spot Welding
M. Baumgarten, J. Koal, S. Heilmann, H. C. Schmale (Technical University Dresden, GER)

Invited Presentation:
Prediction Methods for Sound Radiation from Loudspeaker Enclosures
P.-A. Barré, R. Magalotti (Bowers & Wilkins, GBR)

Keynote presentation:
Efficient Frequency Sweeps for Optimization of (Vibro-)Acoustic Radiation Problems
S. Marburg (TU Munich, GER)

Get together in the exhibition hall

Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Session 5 - Multiphysics in Computational Electromagnetics

Thermal Design of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for a High-Speed Drive for Fuel Cell Air Compressors
H. Sakellaris, P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)

Thermoelectrical Performance of a Hyperconducting Coil Cooled by Liquid Hydrogen
R. Rey, V. Climente-Alarcon (GKN Aerospace, GBR)

Multiphysics Simulation of the Direct Effects of Lightning on Airborne Platforms
U. Gündoğar, G. Eylen (Numesys Advanced Engineering, TUR)


Session 6 - Multiphysics in Computational Electromagnetics / Fluid Structure Interaction

Electromagnetic Field Simulation of Moving Parts with Finite- and Boundary Elements
J. Zechner, T. Rüberg, L. Kielhorn (Tailsit, AUT)

Magnetohydrodynamics Modeling of Submerged Arc Furnace in OpenFOAM
H. V. Haraldsson, G. Sævarsdóttir (Reykjavík University, ICE / University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, NOR); Y. A. Tesfahunegn (Reykjavík University, ICE); M. Tangstad (University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, NOR)

Internal Short Circuit Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries
Y. Hahn, Z. Gao, V. Oancea, J. A. Hurtado, K. Bose, P. Bouzinov, S. Kulathu, R. L. Taylor, A. Kurkchubasche (Dassault Systemes Simulia, USA)

A Coupled Flow, Heat and Structural Analysis Tool to Reduce Creep During Heat Treatment of Titanium Components
U. Heck, M. Becker, R. Paßmann (DHCAE Tools); V. Hardenacke (Otto Fuchs)

Enhance Implicit-Iterative Coupling Algorithms for Strong-Coupled Multiphysics
A. Kürkchübasche, E. Veron, S. Subbarayalu, A. Calderer, M. Knight, S. King (Dassault Systemes Simulia, USA)

Lunch Break

Session 8 - Multiphysics and Multibody Dynamics

T​his session is open for Multiphysics conference and Multibody Dynamics conference attendees.

Welcome to Multibody Dynamics Conference attendees
A. Svobodnik (Mvoid, AUT), Chair of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group;
P. Morelle (Chair of the NAFEMS Multibody Dynamics Working Group)

Miniature Circuit Breaker 1D Multiphysics Modelisation
F. Mesmin, E. Boumediene, E. Frangin (Schneider Electric, FRA)

Performing Active Suspension Control in 1D Simulation using High Order Functional Mock-Up Units
D. Daniel, A. Mademlis (BETA CAE Systems, SUI)

Design of Landing Gears using Multiphysics CAE Simulations
R. Swarnkar, A. Vasudeva, G. Sharma, G. Mudgal (Timetooth Technologies, IND)

Wrap-up & Farewell
A. Svobodnik (Mvoid, AUT), chair of the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group

End of Multiphysics Conference

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S​pecial offer for attendees:

I​f you want to attend both conferences, the Multiphysics Conferences from 14 - 15 Nov. and also the Multibody Dynamics Simulation Conference from 15 - 16 Nov. (both at the same venue) we offer you 10% discount to the member and non-member fees. Please use the discount code "MP-MBS-23" when you register for each event. The discount code, is restricted to these events and can only be applied if registering for both events.

E​xhibition and Sponsoring opportunities

There are several outstanding opportunities available for your company to sponsor or exhibit at the conference, giving you maximum exposure to a highly targeted audience of delegates, who are all directly involved in the topic.

S​pecial offer for sponsors/exhibitors

Become exhibitor/sponsor of two consecutive conferences and get 10% discount! Order the same package also for the consecutive NAFEMS Multibody Dynamics Conference from 15 – 16 November.

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14 November 2023 planned 10:00 13:00 - 18:00
15 November 2023 planned 08:00 - 17:00


Industrieanlagen- Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Lilienthalstr. 12 85521 Taufkirchen / Munich

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Non NAFEMS members: 850 Euro/person*
NAFEMS member: Free towards using four NAFEMS seminar credits or 550 Euro/person* if no NAFEMS seminar credits are available
Includes proceedings, lunches, coffee breaks and a certificate.

NAFEMS Membership Fees

A standard NAFEMS site membership costs 1,300 euros per year, an academic site and entry membership costs 815 euros per year (as of 2023).NAFEMS site members receive eight seminar credits per year. Four seminar credits per participant are required for free participation in this event - it quickly pays off to become a member. If the seminar credits have already been used, NAFEMS members can participate at a reduced price of EUR 550 per person.


The conference will be organized by the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group, The International Society of Multiphysics, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific ­Computing SCAI.

The NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group (MPWG) has been set up to promote and support the use of Multiphysics simulations in industry. Please contact the chairman, Alfred Svobodnik, at if you are interested joining the working group.

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