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Benchmark October 2013 - Carrying a Torch for FEA

Benchmark October 2013

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Although there is always talk of “real-world” in simulation and analysis, and much trumpeting about how we keep planes in the sky, cars on the road, and buildings upright, it can still be difficult to raise our heads from the computer screen and truly look at how simulation and analysis is very much a real-world tool, which is used primarily to make lives better. If you want to bring this into sharp focus, you need look no further than one of the articles in this issue, ‘Modelling like the Masters’, which can be found a few pages in. This article, based on the paper which won the prize for ‘Most Innovative Use of Simulation Technology’ at the recent NAFEMS World Congress, brings the real world into stark focus. In it, we hear about how simulation is being used to more accurately plan and carry-out post-surgery breast reconstruction after surgical interventions due to breast cancer. A subject that has undoubtedly touched many of our lives through the years, and one which, thanks to techniques and studies such as those outlined in the article, is being pushed forward with the sole aim of basically making people’s lives better and more comfortable. It’s fascinating stuff, and we welcome your thoughts and feedback on this and any other topics you have something to say about.

Talking of NAFEMS events (who was?) – this issue sees the announcement of the NAFEMS 2014 Regional Conference programme, with events being held in the UK, USA, France, Germany and Sweden. Our conferences and congress’ get bigger with each run, and we’re hoping that the 2014 programme will provide many of you with the chance to interact with NAFEMS, and attend a uniquely independent and technically focussed event. 

You may also have noticed the fruits of some of NAFEMS’ marketing department efforts coming to life over the past few weeks. Our newly-refreshed website was launched in September, offering a much more user-friendly experience, with plans in place to launch additional features and content over the coming months. Oh, and if you hadn’t noticed, the very magazine you’re reading has undergone a bit of a re-vamp. We’re introducing our new regular columnist, Al Dean, who some of you may know from his work on DEVELOP3D, and we’re looking forward to Al’s insight and comment from a fresh perspective. We’re always on the lookout for regular contributors, as well as technical articles, so if you have something to say, get in touch and we can discuss how you can get involved – this is your magazine after all.

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