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BENCHMARK Article Submission

BENCHMARK Article Submission

BENCHMARK magazine considers articles from any area of engineering design, analysis and simulation. In the first instance, contact the editor David Quinn, to propose your article title and inform us when you expect to submit the article.

BENCHMARK generally includes three distinct types of article:

Education & Training

Articles in this section explore the fundamentals of analysis and simulation technology, exploring new techniques and methods and explaining methodology and results in an almost academic fashion. Recent topics have explored prediction of strain localisation, FE Techniques for Screw Thread Representation, and Flowcharts for planning non-linear analysis.


Features are articles that cover the application of analysis and simulation in unique or interesting applications. Generally based on "hot-topics" or recent events, features show how analysis relates and applies to the real world.

Case Studies

Generally much shorter than features, case studies can cover any interesting application of analysis and simulation.

Submissions in any or all of these categories are welcomed.

In all cases, excessive "sales content" will be excluded. Articles that contain any broad statements or unsubstantiated "product claims" (i.e. "Software x is the best software on the market") will be excluded, or will be heavily edited before publication. benchmark is an independent, peer-reviewed magazine, and must remain impartial and objective in all cases.

NAFEMS reserves the right to edit any submitted article before publication. All articles will contain contact details for the relevant parties, and will be credited to the author. When published, NAFEMS reserves the right to publish any article in an electronic format for general distribution, and for translation in our other language publications.

When an article is submitted for publication, the author accepts that NAFEMS may publish the article in any of its media channels, at any time, unless specific exclusions are specified at the outset.

Submission of material does not guarantee publication.

Submission Requirements

Article Text MSWord

Graphics and Photographs TIFF / JPEG: 300dpi

Preferred Article Length 1000-1500 words

Delivery Format by email to