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Various projects have been initiated and/or sponsored by NAFEMS.

GEM - GEM (G eneric E ngineering Analysis M odel) is a completed European Community funded ESPRIT project managed by NAFEMS. The aim was to enable engineering analysis methods such as finite element analysis of solids or fluids to be used more effectively within the design and analysis process. The methodology behind GEM was to integrate software applications in the context of engineering analysis in an open, ISO-STEP compliant way. These applications included coverage of product analysis modellers, mesh generators, analysis packages and/or modules, and post-processors.

Texts R0042 , R0043 , R0044 , R0045, R0046 , R0047 , R0048 .

SAFESA - SAFESA (SAFE S tructural A nalysis) is a completed project that was undertaken by 5 UK companies with the support of the UK Department of Trade and Industry. The basis of the SAFESA approach was to formalise the structural qualification process such that the opportunity for error was minimised. The approach involved identification, quantification and treatment of errors, which were identified by their sources and progressively reduced to acceptable levels by suitable treatment.

Texts R0039 , R0040 , R0041 .

FENET - FENET is a completed EU-funded thematic network which involved over 110 European organisations from many key industrial sectors and was developed between 2001 and 2005. The network sought to co-ordinate activities within Europe aimed at improving both the quality of industrial applications of finite element technology and the level of confidence that could be placed in the computed results. The principal objective was to collate and structure existing information and to facilitate the efficient exchange of experience and knowledge within and between different EU industrial sectors.

Texts QAIC10A, R0088 , R0089 , R0094 .

AUTOSIM – AUTOSIM is a completed EU-funded project involving many of Europe’s leading automotive companies. The project intent was to provide conceptual contributions that would enable the entire European automotive industry to make effective use of engineering simulation techniques, particularly in structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

Text R0097.

Management of data (including STEP) - on the management of data exchanged between the different software modules in the engineering analysis environment.

Texts R0005 , R0007, R0061 , R0082 , R0096.

Management of finite element analysis - on the management of performing finite element analyses, including formal Quality Management Systems.

Texts GDS, HT31 , R0033 .

Quality systems and management - The various aspects of Quality Assurance and Quality Systems are covered, with the view to ensuring conformity with the accrediting bodies that may affect the use of finite element technology. In addition, the Registered Analyst scheme is a recognised user qualification, which has become a kite-mark of the user’s ability to conduct prescribed types of analyses in various application areas.

Texts NAFRA, QSS001 , HT31 , R0013, R0064 , R0099.

Surveys - A NAFEMS initiated survey on EC research activities.

Text R0060 .

Verification and Validation What is Verification and Validation?

Text L001