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Publication Title Author Type Organisation
The Importance of Numerical Analysis for Understanding Rock Slope BehaviourBarla. GWebinarChongqing University
Turbomachinery Active Subspace Performance MapsSeshadri. PWebinarUniversity of Cambridge
Business Challenges: Vendor & End-User CollaborationBalabanov. V Frenzel. MWebinarThe Boeing Company BMW
Introducing PSE within ASML: Lessons Learned and the Way ForwardHuizinga. FWebinarASML
Common Automotive and Aerospace Requirements for Structural Optimization Commercial Software: Dialogue with Vendors (NAFEMS 2020 Webinar Series)Balabanov. V Frenzel. MWebinarThe Boeing Company and BMW
Simulation & Analysis in Oil & GasStraw. MWebinarNorton Straw Consultants
High-Value Manufacturing Modelling & Best Practices in SimulationDuffett. GWebinarNAFEMS
The Functional-Mockup-Interface: Introduction and Collaborative WorkflowsTummescheit. HWebinarModelon
V&V/UQ Activities to Help Support Computational Simulation CredibiltyWitkowski. WWebinarSandia National Laboratories
Democratization: Expert Knowledge Capture & ReuseJenkins. B Desai. R Scola. TWebinarOra Research American-Axle & Manufacturing NASA Langley