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FEM Idealisation of JointsPublicationHopkins. P
How To Do Seismic Analysis Using Finite ElementsPublicationCooper. P Hoby. P Prinja. N
Background to BenchmarksPublicationDavies. G Fenner. R Lewis. R
Finite Element Benchmarks for 2D Beams & Axi-symmetric Shells Involving Nonlinear Geometric BehaviourPublicationLyons. P Holsgrove. S
How To Get Started in Acoustics AnalysisPublicationTyrrell. R
How To Choose A Finite Element Pre- And Post-ProcessorPublicationBaguley. D Hose. D
Two-Dimensional Test Cases in Post Yield Fracture MechanicsPublicationRemzi. E
How To Use Elements EffectivelyPublicationHellen. T
Why Do - Boundary Element AnalysisPublicationBecker. A
Why Do Design OptimisationPublicationSpicer. D