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Predicting sound radiation from loudspeaker enclosuresPresentationMagalotti. R
Sort Circuit Analysis on Distribution Transformer TankPresentationCal. J Michalski. L
Performing active suspension control in 1D simulation using high order Functional Mock-up UnitsPresentationDaniel. D Mademlis. A
Design of Landing Gears using Multiphysics CAE simulationsPresentationSwarnkar. R
Miniature Circuit Breaker 1D Multiphysics modelisation with SimscapePresentationMesmin. F
Numerical Simulation of Electric Arcs in High Voltage Circuit BreakersPresentationFuchs. R
A Coupled Flow, Heat and Structural Analysis Tool to Reduce Creep During Heat Treatment of Titanium ComponentsPresentationHeck. U Becker. M Passmann. R Hardenacke. V
Thermoelectrical Performance of a Hyperconducting Coil Cooled by Liquid HydrogenPresentationRey. R Climente-Alarcon. V
CEMWG: The Computational Electromagnetics Working Group Electromagnetism at the Service of Multiphysics Engineering ApplicationsPresentationAlves. J
Investigation of CFD-DEM-FEM momentum coupling results for AWJC Nozzle using preCICEPresentationBesseron. X Peters. B