An Investigation of London Skyscraper's Unexpected Scorching Effect

Sometimes even the most deeply considered engineering creations such as architectural structures can exhibit unpredictable behaviors. One such example, is the commercial skyscraper in the center of London, 20 Fenchurch Street. Nicknamed The Walkie-Talkie Building or The Pint because of its distinctive top-heavy shape, this impressive building provides 680,000 ft2 of exclusive office space that offers unrivalled panoramic views of London. The only problem is that the £200 million skyscraper has a dazzling effect on passers-by. As a result of its unusual shape, the architectural structure reflects blinding rays of sun onto the street below, damaging the vehicles parked beneath it.

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AuthorsShtilkind. S Ivanov. A Popov. M
TypeMagazine Article
Date 1st October 2015
OrganisationMentor Graphics


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