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  1. Episode 10 - What are 'spider' elements in FEA - why rigid and flexible types?

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  2. What is Verification & Validation

    What is Verification and Validation? Verification and Validation (V&V) is a major aspect of the work of the Analysis Management Working Group (AMWG) . The AMWG is currently developing a range of publications on this theme, and as part of the first step they have developed the following leaflet which provides a brief overview of V&V and associated terms. To download this leaflet, please click on the link below: What is Verification & Validation? To view this leaflet, please click on the link below: What is V&V?...more

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  4. Registration

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  7. Frequently asked questions

    Frequently Asked Questions The answers to 50 frequently asked questions can be found in the pdf file available at the link below. Frequently Asked Questions Questions include: Q1. In the notes section which explains Gaussian quadrature (integration) it is stated that ‘With many elements the use of the low order integration rule reduces element stiffness’. Can you explain to me how this comes about? Q2. Why and when can symmetry be used when creating a finite element model? Q3. What boundary conditions should I apply to symmetric models? Q4. In the notes section it is stated that a type of element distortion that can lead to errors in the FE solution is due to mid side nodes not being positioned...more

  8. Automotive Panel Discussion 2

    This discussion session took place at the 2021 NAFEMS World Congress Discussion topics Battery Simulation: - What is the latest in battery technology development (w.r.t, range extension, fast charging, wireless charging)? Is numerical simulation helping? - One critical aspect of battery is Thermal Runaway. Today there have been several presentation on this! Are the current CAE methods adequate? Or are they still major gaps in simulation. - What about the simulation of battery aging effect on its efficiency? Autonomous Driving 1: With respect to ADAS and Autonomous development, is numerical simulation recognized by the industry as a critical path to delivering these technologies? Or is the industry...more

  9. Leveraging Systems Thinking, MBSE and Simulation in the Design and Analysis of Highly Distributed Autonomous Vehicle Systems

    This presentation was made at the NAFEMS Americas Seminar "Model-Based Engineering: What is it & How Will It Impact Engineering Simulation" held on the 1st of October 2019 in Columbus Ohio Resource Abstract The increase in global urbanization presents significant traffic congestion and emission challenges. Ford sees these challenges as an opportunity to design smart Autonomous Vehicle Solutions that can actually help city planners design transportation systems that improve the quality of life for everyone. To accomplish this goal we are leveraging Systems Thinking, Model Based Systems Engineering and Virtual Simulation Analysis & Design to define the next generation of mobility solutions. ...more

  10. Modelling Structural Failure - What does it Mean to You?

    Modelling Structural Failure What does it mean to you? 1-minute read NAFEMS Computational Structural Mechanics Working Group - August 8th 2022 NAFEMS' Computational Structural Mechanics Working Group (CSMWG) are excited to see “Modelling Structural Failure” as one of the topics being covered at the NAFEMS World Congress 2023 , as it’s one of the main areas of interest for the group. But the more we thought about it, the more we realised that there was a lot of different ways of looking at the topic. We decided to poll our own members about what aspects of failure and modelling were of most interest, and came up with a list of questions to capture what we wanted to know. The answers...more

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