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Attila Papp: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member

Attila Papp: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member


Judith Oldal, NAFEMS - February 11th 2022


Attila Papp

As part of our series on the NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee members, we would like to introduce you to Attila Papp.

Tell us briefly about yourself 

I graduated in the field of electrical engineering and computer science and for more than 15 years I have been involved in the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and simulation business as sales manager at MAGIC Engineering, the Romanian provider for MSC.Software and Dassault Systemes software solutions. I am familiar with numerical simulation using digital twins. Currently, I am focused on building strong partnerships and helping organizations to develop high-quality products faster and implement the best technologies, while also managing the sales, marketing, and technical support teams for our company.

When did you first encounter numerical simulation?

My first contact with numerical simulations was during my studies at university, but I started working with FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) in 2007 using the NASTRAN and PATRAN solution which allowed me to shift numerical simulation to a new level. Today, in the era of smart manufacturing, digital transformation is an important topic to engage with.

When did you first hear about NAFEMS?

My first virtual interactions were in 2008 on the web. In 2019 I met the team at the Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Automotive Industry Seminar, an event organized by NAFEMS in Bucharest.

What made you want to be included in the activities of the regional steering committee?

NAFEMS represents a valuable platform for expanding my network of sales and technical experts and keeps me up to date with rapidly advancing engineering simulation technologies. It also improves my knowledge through its publications and benchmarks and offers a real opportunity to educate the local Romanian market.

What do you see as the future of NAFEMS?

NAFEMS, for me, represents a professional and social platform where engineers from different fields and industries can meet and share knowledge, ideas, and experiences that significantly improve our way of working. NAFEMS helps with obtaining reliable simulation results and avoiding costly physical testing on prototypes. The use of computer-aided engineering (CAE) in today's market is increasing, especially in new product development, sustainment research and development (R&D), and manufacturing with emerging technology. New products in every industry are now built with smart technological features that provide a better experience for the end users; this technology integration adds a multi-skill requirement to any engineering solution. Challenges emerge as products become more complex in order to fulfil expectations in the functional, business, and customer satisfaction aspects of product development.

For these reasons NAFEMS is, and will continue to be, at the forefront of industrial innovation trends.


Attila Papp: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member


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