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Franjo Juretic: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member

Franjo Juretic: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member


Judith Oldal, NAFEMS - October 20th 2021


Franjo Juretic: NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee Member

As part of our series on the NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee members, we would like to introduce you to Franjo Juretic.


Tell us briefly about yourself 

After getting my PhD at Imperial College in London I worked for AVL-AST in their Zagreb office for 8 years as , where I was a Team Leader for pre-processing and mesh generation. At the same time, I was teaching thermodynamics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb. In 2014 I co-founded Creative Fields, as the principal developer of the meshing solutions CF-MESH+ and cfMesh. After starting my company, I stepped back from active lecturing but I have continued to cooperate with academia in many ways, publishing papers, mentoring students, accepting interns etc. In my spare time, I like playing guitar, both electric and classical, as well as cycling and reading.

When did you first encounter numerical simulation?

During my PhD studies at Imperial College in London, in Prof. David Gosman’s group.

When did you first hear about NAFEMS?

From the posts written by Tony Abbey and Althea de Souza on LinkedIn. They were a helpful source of information in the early days.

What made you want to be included in the activities of the regional steering committee?

Engineering simulation is not yet significantly developed in Eastern Europe, so there are only a few people who understand the topic. I was honored to be invited and to participate in the 2nd NAFEMS Eastern Europe Seminar on numerical simulation in vehicle engineering in Budapest back in 2017. Then in March 2019 I helped organize the one-day awareness seminar, “The Benefits of Simulation” which I enjoyed doing. I believe in the future of simulation as an engineering tool, and I am always interested in making it an accessible tool for every engineer.

What are your thoughts on NAFEMS’ role in the future of engineering simulation?

To continue to organize activities, provide access to resources, and collaborate with others in the sector in order to enable engineers to harness the benefits of simulation.


Franjo Juretic -  NAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee


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