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Gian Hauenstein - DACH Student Award Winner

"Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Powder Material inside Additive Manufactured Particle Dampers" Gian Hauenstein, MSc FH from Hochschule Luzern

DACH Student Award Winner


In this series, we've asked some of the winners from the 2020 NAFEMS Student Awards to give us their thoughts on what winning the award means to them, and what they are looking forward to as they launch their careers in engineering analysis and simulation


Student AwardNumerical simulation is for me not just an engineering tool to develop new products, combine multiple physics, predict system behavior or solve evolving challenges. Simulation is for me passion. I am an enthusiastic simulation engineer in the field of multi-physics simulations. I first had contact with simulation tools 7 years ago, and it started with my first lecture in Finite Element Method and a simple beam model under axial tension. I was so fascinated that I wanted to know more about all the possibilities of simulations. Since then, I have not had a day, even on weekends, without doing a simulation, thinking how to solve my next physical problem or reading books about simulations. I had the opportunity as a student and academic research associate and now as a development engineer to use simulation tools every day. As in professional sport, it takes a lot of training to become the best. This is exactly my attitude and goal in my professional life. Therefore, I obtained for my Master Theses the Overall Winner of the NAFEMS Student Award 2019/2020. I am honored and proud that my hard work and dedication has been granted with this price.


Gian Hauenstein

My high experience in the field of complex electromagnetic, fluid flow, particle and structural simulations proofed to be of major advantage. Therefore, I can help to build up complete new engineering and simulation opportunities to companies, which try to push their design concepts into successful, innovative products faster and at lower cost. Currently I am a development engineer at SMS Concast AG, a company of the SMS group and the word leading company in continuous steel casting technology, I can solve multi-physics problems in the field of steel production every day. A dream came true. The trend in the steel making industry is towards bigger, faster and more and more complex machines. The physics and phenomena behind a continuous casting machine are so complex that there always are new problems to be solve by numerical simulations.

As already mentioned, I always aim for further and higher success. This is why I applied to start a doctoral thesis in the field of continuous casting machines. My proposed topic is to increase the yield of a continuous casting machine for big casting sections, which has a high demand in the steel industry. I think that young and talented engineers need to be encouraged, because they are facing the ecological and economic problems of tomorrow. That is why I think the NAFEMS Student Award is a good and challenging competition for every young engineer in education. I can really recommend to every engineer to use more simulation technology for more innovative and more successful products.

To get in touch with Gian, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or contact him by email:


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