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Hello NAFEMS Folks

Hello NAFEMS Folks

by Chad Jackson, President and Principal Analyst of Lifecycle Insights

Let me first say welcome the new NAFEMS blog. I'm excited that we'll now have a blog focused on simulation issues. I think many of us will get a lot of value from it. As you might have guessed, I'll be one of the contributors here. So I thought it would only be appropriate to give you some idea of what to expect from my posts. But before I go into that, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

About Me, Chad Jackson

If you've been following the CAE, or even CAD and PLM, industry, then you may have heard of me. I'm an Industry Analyst that tracks the products and advances in the space. I publish and present on the pros and cons of these types of technologies. You can learn a lot more about me and my activities at my own site. 

As far as simulation goes, I was involved in the development of a couple software products earlier in my career. However, the bulk of my experience comes in following the industry. I've conducted a number of researches studies, published many report and spoken on simulation numerous times.

What I'll Cover Here

So what am I going to talk about here? Well, to be clear, I won't be plumbing the depths of how simulation software tools work. I won't be focusing on simulation methodologies either (Tony Abbey will take care of this). Instead, I'll be writing about the business side of simulation. That means I'll be specifically addressing the following:

• The functionality of simulation software technologies insofar as they enable organizational capabilities.

• The next step is how those enhanced organizational capabilities translate into benefits for the individual and organization.

• The step after that is how those benefits turn into ROI or business cases.Now, this might take on a few different forms, including posts on:

• News and commentary on new simulation software products and releases. Sometimes, these new offerings change the equation for organizations. Sometimes they're useless fluff.

• Perspectives on the politics and ROI of advancing simulation technologies in organizations. It's not all about software functionality.

• Research findings from studies on simulation technologies, including trends over time as well as benchmarking results.

I'm Looking Forward to the Discussion

One last note: I 'm looking forward to interactive discussions. By no means do I think I'm always right or that my opinion is better than others. Discussions around these issues are important to get started. And I'm happy to initiate some of them. So definitely make your voice heard, regardless your agreement or disagreement with my position.

Take care. Talk soon. Thanks for reading.