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Why should you attend the NAFEMS World Congress 2021?

Why should you attend the NAFEMS World Congress 2021?

2-minute read
The NWC21 Team - October 13th 2021


NWC21 is almost here and there is still time to register for this landmark event in the simulation and analysis community. For the first time, the Congress is genuinely globally accessible no matter where you are located.

Now it's time to act, and you may be asking "why should I register?"

Here's why:

1. This is the only independent global conference focussed entirely on simulation and analysis

NWC21 has been built from the ground-up by the community, for the community (that's your community we're talking about, by the way).

Other conferences are great for specific topics or software packages (we'll be attending many of them!), but none of them will give you the kind of inspiring industry overview that NWC21 will.

2. It’s like a “who’s who” of industry

All of the major industrial users of simulation and analysis technologies will be there. We’re talking about presentations from automotive, aerospace, biomedical, civil and construction, geotechnics, and many more.

And all of the major software vendors will be part of the exhibition, displaying their new releases, talking with users, and building business relationships with the community.

You can be part of that community by registering your place.

3. Over 450 presentations, numerous discussion and networking sessions, and training courses for all

There is only one place you can get a code-independent, cross-industry overview of simulation and analysis. There are hundreds of presentations, accompanying papers to download, expert training sessions to be part of, and discussion workshops to really dig down into the nuts and bolts of the technology.

Got an issue? Discuss with like-minded colleagues and representatives from the software companies. Get solutions you never thought possible, all by being part of a connected global community of your peers.

4. It’s online, but it’s still live

We haven’t gone down the generic ‘plug and play’ online conference route for NWC21. We’ve built a platform that will give each attendee the most engaging, personal, and interactive experience possible. The team behind every NWC will be there as usual, and the familiar names and faces that head up our working and steering groups will be welcoming attendees old and new to the community.

You’ve never seen anything like this. That’s a promise.

5. Build your own reputation

The leaders of the simulation and analysis industry have all been part of the NAFEMS World Congress over the years. Senior industry figures, top-of-their-game engineers and analysts, and the people who are considered world experts all find their place at NWC.

Being part of that discussion helps you develop both your techniques and your own career.


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