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SDC Verfier

SDC Verfier

SDC Verifier is FEM software that verifies structures according to different design rules or codes. The main difference between SDC Verifier and other FEA programs are: A standard based calculation core, recognition tools, a lot of predefined standards and an extensive report generator.
SDC Verifier speeds up the design phase by storing the full calculation process. A recalculation after a modification just requires a single click, All calculation settings and load combinations, model recognition, verification according to design standards and reporting is reapplied to the model and FEM results, verification and calculation reports are generated in an automated procedure.

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The software can be used standalone or on top of the FEA programs FEMAP, NX CAE, Simcenter and Ansys.

With the unique recognition tools structural items as beam members, plates, welds, stiffeners, panels and joints can be directly verified according to their specific requirements.

SDC Verifier already includes predefined standards on fatigue, stiffener and plate buckling, beam member checks, joint checks and weld.
Already available standards include:
ANSI/AISC 360-10, API 2A RP, ISO 19902, Norsok N004, DIN15018, Eurocode 3, FEM 1.001, ABS 2004, ABS 2014, DNV RP-C201 2010, DNV CN30/1995. SDC Verifier is not a blackbox, it has an open structure and all code check formula's are included in the output reports.

With custom checks you can modify the formula of a standard and save it as your own.

With SDC Verifier you will be an engineer not an admin!
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