NAFEMS Nordic Student Award

NAFEMS Nordic Student Award

Award for outstanding student work in the field of modeling, analysis and simulation


Please find the nominations for 2019/2020 award below in random order:

  • Analysis of the flow of secondary steam through a reheater using 3D CFD
    I. Lindell (KTH)
  • Material characterization of 316L
    R. Iteka (Lund University)
  • Structural Optimization of Mechanical Systems - Topology Optimization with Parametrization of Hardpoint Positions
    A. Mattiasson (Chalmers University)
  • A Novel Finite Element Method for Tunneling Cracks in Layered
    L. Herrmann (DTU)
  • General Structural Topology Optimization with Fatigue Constraints
    S. Hermansen (Aalborg University)
  • Robust Topology Optimization of Auxetic Materials
    J. Mirpourian (Aarhus University)
  • ViVA II – Virtual Vehicle Safety Assessment
    Step 2: Open Source Human Body Finite Element Model and Crash Testing
    I. Putra (Chalmers University)


We thank all who have submitted their work.
The nominees where now asked to send the full work for a final review.


In recognition of the importance of the university sector to the advancement of numerical simulation, and to encourage students to work in these fields, NAFEMS has established a student competition! The award is aimed at those who are completing a project that involves the use of engineering simulation techniques such as finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics or multi-body dynamics, boundary element method etc.

Deadline for submission: 28 February 2020

1st Prize:

1.000 Euro 1)

Free participation (one person) with presentation of the work at the NAFEMS NORDIC Regional Conference 2020 ( The NAFEMS Student Award is advertised in various NAFEMS regions. From the winners in each of the regions, one overall winner will be selected and can attend the NAFEMS World Congress 2021 for free of charge to present his/her work to an international audience ( 

2nd prize:

300 Euro1)


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How to participate, rules and regulations: see below

1) Prize money with the kind support of Grundfos (



Submit your interest

If you are still undecided regarding the completion, permission etc. of your work, you can register your interest in the Student Award in advance:

Interest Form


How to Participate

Initially, please submit a summary of your project report (approximately 300 -1000 words), along with contact details for both yourself and your project supervisor(s). The submission must be
in English language and in text format. Please complete the online form at "Submit your work".

  • The submission must adhere to the awards rules and regulations
  • The summary of the work should include:
    • a description of the objective
    • a description of the approach followed
    • a description of the results, including the solved problem and justification of the implemented simulation strategy.
  • The summary of the work will be used by the judges for the preselection. For the selected works, the presentation of the entire work is required for the award ceremony (confidential parts can be removed or blackened).
  • All works can be treated confidentially - please state this if necessary!
  • The deadline for summary submission is 28 February 2020

Rules and regulations


  1. The nomination is open to all students enrolled at a higher education institution in NORDIC in the academic year 2019-2020.
  2. The submitted work can be an individual work or a group work, whereas only one representative will be invited to present. If the work is part of a larger, ongoing project for an organization, it is eligible for nomination if it provides significant standalone work or if it is a change/extension to an existing feature of the larger project. In this case, the student must clarify this in the compilation and also make it clear what contribution he has made.
  3. The full project must be completed by 31 March 2020 and must be in writing.
  4. The project supervisor must testify that the contestant is a matriculated student for the academic year in question and that the results are the nominee’s own work.
  5. The nominee may be required to attend an interview. Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed. 

Procurement directives

  1. The submitted work must to a considerable extent use technical simulation technologies such as FEM, CFD, MBD, BEM, etc.
  2. The period since the completion of the work may not exceed 1 year.
  3. Criteria for the assessment of the work are, among other things, the content level, the degree of innovation of the solutions, the quality of the presentation of the process/results, the significance and value of the project (task), etc.
  4. The deadline for the full project submission is 31 March 2020.


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