W​inner 2021/2022

Fracture Modeling of Layered Composites in a Specialized Off-Axis Finite Element Framework
Leon Herrmann (Technical University of Denmark (DTU))


W​inner 2020/2021

1​st place:
Multi-Scale Multiphysics Simulation of the Thermo-Fluid-Metallurgical-Mechanical Conditions during Metal Additive Manufacturing
Mohamad Bayat, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

2​nd place:
The Investigation and Modeling of the Interaction between Paperboard Clippings in a Pipe Flow
Lea Christierson, Lund University


Winner 2019/2020

1​st place:
Analysis of the flow of secondary steam through a reheater using 3D CFD
I. Lindell, KTH

2​nd place:
Structural Optimization of Mechanical Systems - Topology Optimization with Parametrization of Hardpoint Positions
A. Mattiasson, Chalmers University


NAFEMS Nordic Student Award Winners