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How To Choose A Finite Element Pre- And Post-ProcessorBaguley. D Hose. DPublication
State of the Art Review in CAE Data ManagementGrau. MPublication
GEM - A Guide to Shape and Models & Relevant Resource Parts in STEPGoult. R Leal. D Helpenstein. HPublication
The GEM Modelling MethodologyBohms. HPublication
Why Do Design OptimisationSpicer. DPublication
NAFEMS QSS Primer 2014Smith. JPublication
Why do Electromagnetic Finite Element AnalysisEllis. D Tang. KPublication
How To Use STEP Geometry for Engineering AnalysisGoult. R Greenfield. DPublication
How To Get Started With Finite ElementsBaguley. D Hose. DPublication
Interactive cloud-based visualization of CAE models Presentation