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Panel Discussion on CFD ValidationMagazine Articlede Souza. A
Nafems CFD Working Group - Technical Working Group overviewPresentationde Souza. A
Analysis Management and Simulation Data Management, Complementary Techniques to Assure Confidence in Simulation Results *Presentationde Souza. A
How To Plan a CFD AnalysisPublicationde Souza. A
Using Fluid Dynamics for Simulating Exterior Ballistics PhenomenaPresentationde Briey. V
Using Fluid Dynamics for Simulating Exterior Ballistics PhenomenaPresentation Recordingde Briey. V
Personalized Healthcare in the Age of SimulationMagazine Articled'Souza. K
Simulation der Dichtheit von Gummistopfen mit LagerschädenPresentationZüger. M
Finite Element Simulation of the eRod ChassisPaperZueger. M
Advanced Anisotropic Damping Modeling for Improved Engine Design for NVHPresentationZouani. K