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Engineering Challenges for Modelling 77GHz Antenna Arrays for Autonomous Vehicles and ADAS ApplicationsSalman. LPresentationANSYS Canada Ltd.
Simulation Based Study of Pedestrian Detectability on Roads with High Radar Cross Section Infrastructure for 77 GHz Automotive RadarChipengo. UPresentationANSYS, Inc.
Systems Thinking Enabled by Effective Enterprise SPDM for Reduction of Physical TestingPanthaki. MPresentationARAS Corporation
Simulation Solution for xEV DevelopmentLinares. WPresentationAVL - Advanced Simulation Technologies
Multi-Material Topology Optimization for Automotive ApplicationsHoglund. RPresentationAltair Engineering, Inc.
Analysis and Optimization of an Automotive Cradle Using Single Finite Element Model with Multiple Attributes i.e. NVH, Strength and FatigueHiremath. PPresentationAltair Engineering, Inc.
Virtual Simulation Verification Process of Parking Pawl Mechanism Based on Multibody SimulationsRoy. NPresentationAmerican Axle Manufacturing
Blended Optimization Procedure for Lightweighting of Big Sheet Metal StructuresKayupov. MPresentationDassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp.
How Can I Democratize Engineering Analysis & Simulation through Automation, Embedded Intelligence and Smart Processes?Bhogle. SPresentationDetroit Engineered Products
Overcoming Technical Challenges to Enable Faster & Smoother Transition from Physical to Virtual Design Validation TestingDahiya. LPresentationDetroit Engineered Products