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A Computational Framework for Effectiveness Based Design - A US Air Force PerspectivePresentationKolonay. R
Simulation Validation and Verification ChallengesPresentationSteffek. J
The Strong Engineering Culture Needed to Best Use SimulationPresentationAllen. G
Unlock the Value of Simulation by Establishing Trust in Engineering SimulationsPresentationKarl. A
Best Practices for Enhancing Engineering Simulation Business ImpactPresentationKeene. R
How to move from simulation to reduce physical testing to simulation to replace physical testing?PresentationStreather. G
Design for Multifunctionality: we know a lot and we know very littlePresentationTorres-Sanchez. C
Making the Business Case for SimulationPresentationMeili. M
Implementation of UMC4ES Efforts at ASDLPresentationFischer. O. P.
Technologies to Meet Fusion Energy Industry's Simulation NeedsPresentationShephard. M