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Simulation & Digital Twins - Behind the BuzzwordsNAFEMSEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
SPDM International Conference 2015Norris. MEvent ReviewNAFEMS
Improving HPC Adoption in Engineering Simulation - A Seminar ReviewEvent ReviewNAFEMS
NWC - NAFEMS World Congress 2015Bartholomew. P Ramsey. A Simmons. REvent Review
To Out Compute Is To Out CompeteMargetts. L Event ReviewNAFEMS
Optimization Through SimulationLarge. DEvent ReviewNAFEMS
Simulation Data Management - The Next Challenges - A Summary of the 3rd International SPDM ConferenceNorris. MEvent ReviewtheSDM Consultancy
Near-Future Directions of Multiscale & Muliphysics Modeling & SimulationLadzinski. MEvent ReviewNAFEMS
NAFEMS Regional Conferences 2016Event ReviewNAFEMS
VMAP - General Information - Version 0.4.0Gulati. P Duffett. GFlipbook MagazineFraunhofer SCAI NAFEMS