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Some Failures & Studies with Lessons Learned - Buckling, Instability & CollapseWebinarWood. J
FEM Idealisation of JointsPublicationHopkins. P
DoES Theme: How do we enable interoperability at the process and embedded intelligence level?Presentation
Integration Theme: How do we leverage SPDM as an approach to enable better integration?Presentation
How To Do Seismic Analysis Using Finite ElementsPublicationCooper. P Hoby. P Prinja. N
State of the Art Review in CAE Data ManagementPublicationGrau. M
How CFD and Wind Tunnel have been used to design a STOL dronePresentation
Background to BenchmarksPublicationDavies. G Fenner. R Lewis. R
Finite Element Benchmarks for 2D Beams & Axi-symmetric Shells Involving Nonlinear Geometric BehaviourPublicationLyons. P Holsgrove. S
How To Get Started in Acoustics AnalysisPublicationTyrrell. R