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International Journal of CFD Case Studies - Volume 6

The papers in this sixthedition of the Journal are mainly the fruits of a NAFEMS Seminar. The many NAFEMS International groups are warmly encouraged to participate by sending their CFD seminar papers for publication, details may be found at the end of the Journal.

 The now well-established CFD seminar held in Niedernhausen, in Germany under the guidance of Dr Moris Habip has provided further papers. Some papers from the seminar “Simulation of Complex Flows (CFD) – Application and Trends”, May 2004,were also published in the 5th edition of the Journal. The papers here deal with topics of CFD complexity whether of fluid-structure interaction, of geometrical shape requiring polyhedral meshing, or of complex properties inviscoelastic flow modelling.

The two remaining papers deal with the important subject of CFD validation and verification. The Quality and Reliability in CFD II: Industrial Challenges, September 2005, has provided a paper discussing the situation, common in complex flow combustion, where detailed corroborating measurements are not always available. 

The final paper adopts a hierarchical approach to the verification and validation of an IMPNS space-marching flow solver applied to a complete hypersonic air-vehicle.



Simulation of the Airbag Deployment Processin “Out of Position” Load-Cases

U Göhner and A Haufe

Simulations of Viscoelastic Polymer SolutionFlows

D Niedziela, A Latz and O Iliev

Simulation of Flows in Complex Geometries:New Meshing and Solution Methods

M Periæ

Coal Combustion - Partial Validation of aComplex Problem

P L Stephenson

IMPNS Computations of the X-15 FlightVehicle: A Validation and Verification Case Study

S Shaw, M Mifsud, B Wagner, A Moureaux and JBennett

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Date 1st March 2007


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