Collaborate with a Technical Working Group

Collaborate with a Technical Working Group

Location: Remote

Partner: NAFEMS - Manufacturing Process Simulation Working Group (MANWG)

The NAFEMS Manufacturing Process Simulation Working Group (MANWG) is in the process of authoring a publication providing guidance on the simulation of the chain of processes relating to additive manufacturing.

The chain of processes includes pre-additive manufacturing processes, such as metal powder modelling, as well as post additive manufacturing processes, such heat treatment, shot peening and laser shock peening.The document will also include guidance on data mapping (stresses, strains, nodal coordinates etc.) from one modelling tool into another, or from one numerical model into another. One important section to be included in the document is the literature review.

The review will be written up and included as a section of the publication that is being developed. The MANWG are looking to collaborate with a student who is part of the NAFEMS community to fulfil this task.

The successful candidate must be able to understand the project requirements and be able to undertake the work and write up the findings to the high standard that is consistent with NAFEMS publications. This individual conducting the review will be guided and advised by the authors of the document.

If you are interested in collaborating with the MANWG and coauthoring a publication in this area contact including a summary of their relevant experience.