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NAFEMS e-learning has been providing world-class training in FEA, CFD and related technologies in a virtual learning environment since 2009. Over 6,000 individuals from around the globe have been trained in that time, from all ability levels across every industry.

Our e-learning course programme has developed into an offering of numerous stand-alone topics, covering subjects as diverse as Introduction to FEA through Essentials of Fluid Mechanics to Advanced Dynamic Finite Element Analysis, Thermal FE Analysis, CFD for Structural Engineers, Essential Principals of Simulation Data Management, and many more.

In order to allow both individuals and organisations to take advantage of this ever-expanding syllabus, NAFEMS has introduced the e-learning flexipass. 

Flexipass allows you, or your company, to purchase a subscription to NAFEMS e-learning at a significantly discounted rate.

Flexipass gives you, or anyone else within your company, 10 ‘seats’ on NAFEMS e-learning courses. You can use these seats in a variety of ways:

  • Enrol ten of your staff on the same e-learning class at the same time
  • Send one of your staff on ten courses at any time throughout the year
  • Send 5 staff on one course, and 5 on another
  • ...

The permutations and possibilities are endless, and are designed to give you ultimate Flexibility and cost-efficiency when engaging with NAFEMS e-learning.

The e-learning Flexipass is fully transferable within the covered member sites of the purchasing company, and is valid for a full calendar year from the date of purchase. Each ‘seat’ from your Flexipass ticket is allocated to one named individual for the duration of that course.


Buy your flexipass now opposite, or contact flexipass@nafems.org or +44(0)1355 225688 for further details.

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