Opportunities @ CAASE18

Leading up to and at CAASE18, several of the participating member companies were looking to hire new talent. While we were happy to hear of a few successes early on, we wanted to list the on-going searches below. 


Bridgestone is seeking to fill two positions: 1) Research Engineer - Tire Mechanics, and 2) Research Engineer - Systems Dynamics/NVH

Front End Analytics

Front End Analytics LLC is seeking to fill two positions: 1) software developers to help develop the next generation of intelligent systems engineering platforms, and 2) a dynamic customer-centric application engineer. To apply, click here to send an email. 

Liebherr Mining Equipment Newport News Co

Liebherr Mining Equipment is seeking a Senior Analysis & Simulation Engineer to conduct advanced structural and mechanical analysis of off-highway mining trucks using Finite Element (FE) analysis, multi-body dynamic simulation, and fatigue analysis. Additional Details

North American Lighting

North American Lighting is currently seeking to fill two thermal/fluid CAE engineer positions. Additional Details


VCollab is seeking to fill two positions: 1) Sales Director (Someone to build & develop the NA sales. Preferably someone in Detroit as we like to focus on automotive, as a start. Experience working with large NA auto enterprises would be an added advantage.), and 2) Technical Sales (Leads the Simulation/CAE projects and pre-sales activities of the VCollab software as a member of the VCollab revenue generation team). Additional Details

Veryst Engineering LLC

Veryst Engineering is seeking a full-time engineer or physicist to assist with multiphysics simulation and analysis, frequently involving fluid flow, structural mechanics, heat transfer and/or acoustics. Additional Details