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Insight Webinars

A​SSESS Insight Webinars

The ASSESS Initiative holds a regular bi-monthly “Insight Webinar Series”.

These webinars aim to broaden the exposure of the work that the initiative is doing and has accomplished to engage the Engineering Simulation community to help determine the medium-term needs of Engineering Simulation to continue to drive the business value that it provides. These webinars are a combination of ASSESS related presentations and ASSESS theme-based panel discussions and are held every two months.

Presentations are used to inform our audience of advances outlined in our Strategic Insight Papers. The Strategic Insight Papers are authored and critiqued by experts in the Engineering Simulation field to promote improved understanding and unique concepts to benefit the Engineering Simulation community. These webinars allow the audience to engage with these ideas and through their voice, can contribute to furthering the ideas presented.

The webinars also allow panels of experts in the ASSESS theme working groups to discuss a question pertinent to that ASSESS Theme. Again, it is hoped that the audience will also get involved with their thoughts and viewpoints.

The webinars are also used to present and discuss relevant ASSESS presentations that have been given at the annual ASSESS Congress and other events.

Registration for the ASSESS Insight webinars is open to anyone who wishes to register and attend. However, the recordings of the webinars will be available to NAFEMS members only.

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