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Integration of Systems and Detailed Sub-systems Simulation

The focus of this ASSESS Initiative theme is to investigate gaps and to develop approaches for effective integration of systems and detailed sub-systems simulations.

The exponentially growing complexity of both products and processes is creating an explosive need for increased use of Model-Based System Engineering. This modeling approach is already being used by government and defense programs, and by thought-leading companies.

Systems level performance evaluations and detailed simulations of subsystems and components are typically separate, unrelated activities.

There is a rapidly growing interest across multiple industries for MBSE that includes integration with classical physics-based simulations for multi-fidelity simulations throughout the system and sub-system design process. Changes in behavior at each level need to be represented and need to be communicated and understood at all levels.

Integration of systems and detailed sub-systems simulations is not easy and the ASSESS Initiative has established the following goals related to this theme:

  1. Define an understanding of current and future methodologies for integration of the full range of physics performance models from systems to detailed components.
  2. Develop an applicability and maturity model for different approaches through description and example use cases
  3. Explore and explain the various different models used and their characteristics related to integration (e.g. parametric or instance based, run times, sizes, assumptions, …)
  4. Establish a common understanding, language and terminology for models and simulations across all levels of fidelity and physics
  5. Explore improving the understanding of what models should be used, and when and how they should interact
  6. Establish consistent expectations between end users and software vendors

The ASSESS Initiative will explore the different issues and approaches associated with integration of systems and detailed sub-systems simulations to provide understanding and guidance moving forward.

The ASSESS Initiative is actively collaborating with other groups within NAFEMS, and also INCOSE on this topic.