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Mahmood Tabaddor (USA)

Dr. Mahmood Tabaddor

Manager, Predictive Modeling and Analytics

Underwriters Laboratories LLC, USA

Dr. Mahmood Tabaddor

I has been involved in modeling and simulation for over 25 years. Starting with my very first exposure, predicting the linear vibration modes of a multi-beam structure (ABAQUS), and comparing the predictions to those of an analytical formula, I was wowed by the powerful insights. Since then, I have seen the predictive capabilities and range of use of modeling increase, and a common theme throughout my industrial experience has been to be part of this “movement”. I have been advancing the use of Multiphysics modeling and simulation in manufacturing, product development (MscNASTRAN) and now in the regulatory space. I have published papers and given presentations on how modeling has given insights into a wide range of problems from effect on fire safety of changing ventilation conditions in a basement fire (Fire Dynamics Simulator) to repair of composite wind turbines (ESI PAM RTM) to how electrical current flows through the human body depending upon contact points (ANSYS EM) to safety risks of leaked refrigerants (OpenFOAM, ANSYS). I even have a patent that is based upon insights generated by models (GAMBIT, POLYFLOW) that I built and used to double the throughput of a coating process in the manufacturing of optical fibers.

And I formed the first modeling and simulation team within UL, my current employer, a leader in testing, inspection and certification.

Actually it is my role in the regulatory space where I find the most opportunity to advance modeling and simulation. I introduced a new service at UL, a first in the industry, that allows regulatory grade data from validated models to be accepted for regulatory decisions for consumer products. We have used this service for customers in electronics, appliances, and other products. As part of this program, I have tasked our team to each obtain their PSE and continue to work on improving their status to expert level. I participate in the ASME V&V 50 for Manufacturing, and am also a member of an FDA sponsored (Led by Tina Morrison) mock submission team looking to create a case study based on another ASME V&V standard, V&V 40 for medical devices. As a member of NAFEMS (UL may be the only regulatory member of NAFEMS from industry!), early on with support from Matthew Ladzinski, started and run a Fire Modeling Working Group. Unfortunately, I was not able to commit sufficient time to make it sustainable. I still see this as an important area for NAFEMS and hope to support its re-incarnation in the near future. At UL, my main focus is on creating a robust, rigorous and yet flexible framework for V&V and I see it as a key enabler to take modeling and simulation to the next step. As a steering committee member, I would hope to help NAFEMS become an influencer to the use of modeling and simulation in the regulatory space.

I have my graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech. My doctoral dissertation focused on the dynamics of nonlinear systems.