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PSE Subcommittee

NAFEMS Americas PSE Subcommittee

The NAFEMS Americas PSE subcommittee will work within the region to improve awareness and visibility of the PSE (Professional Simulation Engineer) certification offered by NAFEMS. The PSE pathway is a stringent process, with various areas of competency in which certification can be earned. The certification process relies on references and in-person interviews, and is far more challenging than a standardized test. The group will develop tools and strategies to better educate the simulation community about the advantages of gaining PSE certification.


Amit Trivedi

Chair: Amit Trivedi - Honda

Ben Battoei - ASML


Steve Fernandez - Sr. Structural Analyst, General Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Systems

Akshay Sheorey - Business Development Manager, Siemens Industry Software Inc.

Greg Westwater

Gregory Westwater - Senior Engineering Specialist, Emerson Automation Solutions

Nick Clickenbeard

Nick Clinkinbeard - Collins Aerospace


Travis Stephens - Piper Aircraft


Parker Cline - Komatsu


Neal Patil - Ford

Mark Palmer - Ansys

Chip Fricke - Principal Applications Engineer - Siemens

Luis Trimino

Vice-Chair: Luis Trimino - Advance Research Specialist, 3M

Girish Bhandari - Software Director, Siemens Digital Industries

Pritha Ghosh, SLB Technology Center

Pritha Ghosh
SLB Technology Center

Ajay Menon

Ajay Menon - Senior Stress Engineer

Travis Stephens

Travis Stephens - Sr. Structural Analysis Engineer, Piper Aircraft, Inc.

Femi Kadri - Pepsico


Jathu Manimolirajah - Airbus


Kenneth Dang - 3M


Dipak Patil

Dipak Patil - Principal Structural Analyst, Team Lead - FEA, Harsco Rail

NAFEMS Americas Steering Committee Liaison: Mahmood Tabaddor - Principal Director of Strategy, Accenture




NAFEMS Staff: Kathy Elliott


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