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Member Pathway

M‚Äčember Pathway

Choose your skill level relative to Engineering Simulation
A NoviceSomewhat ExperiencedExperienced
Technical AcumenUse your NAFEMS Membership to grow in your getting to know colleagues in person

Attend and Participate in Regional Conferences, Webinars and World Congress

Attend a NAFEMS Event

Invite colleagues to NAFEMS Events

Send teams to NAFEMS events engaging with colleagues who share similar interests

Join and participate in Technical Community discussions

Attend Webinars & In Person Events

Participate in Webinars

Deliver Presentations at Events keeping up with industry methods and best practices and contributing to events

Utilize e-Learning and Live Training

Utilize e-Learning and Live Training

Utilize e-Learning and Live Training

Read NAFEMS Publications

Submit Abstracts and Presentations to share work and innovations

Author NAFEMS Publications becoming credentialed

Apply for PSE Entry Level

Apply for PSE Standard Level

Apply for PSE Advanced Level

LeadershipUse your NAFEMS Membership to become a leader in your volunteering, which allows collaboration with colleagues around the world

Apply to Join a Regional Subcommittee

Serve as a Member on a Regional SubcommitteeServe as a Chair or Vice-Chair on a Regional Subcommittee

Serve on a Regional Steering Committee

Attend Member Onboarding SessionsAssist with Onboarding Sessions

Join a Technical Working Group

Volunteer at In-Person Events

Review Content SubmissionsReview Content Submissions

Serve on the NAFEMS Council

Become a NAFEMS Technical Fellow