NAFEMS World Congress 2021 in Salzburg


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We've put together some outstanding keynotes for the 2021 World Congress. Industry leaders, inspirational speakers, and technology experts come together in one exciting line-up!

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Take part in three additional conferences, included as part of the main Congress:


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Over 450 papers have been accepted for this year's event, making it the largest ever!
We will cover every aspect of engineering modelling, analysis and simulation. That includes core topics like FEA, CFD, and MBD, as well as examining the next steps for our community and the technology. We will also be hosting the 5th International SPDM conference, as well as our Multiphysics Simulation Conference and Automotive Symposium as part of the event.
We're pushing forward our Analysis Agenda, engaging with everyone involved in the technology, and looking at where we’re going and how to get there.
We're asking questions, and looking for answers on your behalf.


The 2021 Congress is genuinely accessible to every single member of the analysis and simulation community.

This is not just another conference. This is where the simulation world comes together as one, in an independent, international forum to push engineering analysis forward.

And we want you to be a part of it.

Every two years,

the international engineering modelling, analysis, and simulation community converges around the NAFEMS World Congress.

Every two years,

the number of people involved in that community grows.

Every two years,

the World Congress expands to give you more.

Because this is your community, and this is your Congress.