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Analysis of Multi-Body Systems using FEM and MBS

Papers are available to NAFEMS Members to download below. Please login to download these documents. To find out more about the benefits of NAFEMS membership, click here.

Elastische Komponenten in MKS-Tools am Beispiel von alaska

P. Maißer, U. Jungnickel, T. Grund (Institut für Mechatronik e.V.)

Investigation of the Structure Borne Noise Behaviourof a Diesel Hydraulic Driveline Using FEM and MBS

T. Walter (Voith Turbo GmbH & Co.KG.)

Multi-Body-System-Software – Application and Requirements at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

B. Buck, S. Mutschall, T. Schaeffer (Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

Samcef Mecano: eine Technologie für MKS/FE Integration

P. Morelle (Samtech Deutschland GmbH)

Simulation of the Locking Mechanism of an Injection-Moulding Clamp Unit

C. Hostert, S. Maas, A. Zürbes (Université du Luxembourg); R. Nordmann (TU Darmstadt); H. Kollmeier (Husky Injection Molding Systems S.A.)

Kopplung von MKS und FEM in der Vorentwicklung – Vorstellung einer CAD-integrierten Lösung in Catia V5

H. Staufenberg (MSC.Software GmbH)

Application of Elastic Bodies in the Durability Simulation of Vehicles: Methods, Examples and Open Questions

A. Lion (Volkswagen AG)

Lifetime Calculation With the Aid of a Virtual Test Rig

S. Dietz (Intec GmbH)

Damage Analysis by Means of Coupling MBS and Flexible FEM-Structures

R. Stenger, A. Skiadas, U. Warnecke (Adam Opel AG)

Integrierte FEM-MKS-Analyse der Betriebsfestigkeit von Fahrwerken mit LMS Virtual.Lab

C. Lenz, V. B. Koettgen, M. Hack (LMS International)

Bewertung komplexer Systeme bzgl. Festigkeits- und NVH-Verhalten basierend auf der Kombination von FEM und MKS

C. Ortmann (MSC.Software GmbH)

Topology Optimization of Dynamically Loaded Parts in Mechanical Systems: Coupling of MBS, FEM, and Structural Optimization

P. Häußler, J. Minx, D. Emmrich (IPEK Institute for Product Development, University of Karlsruhe); P. Allinger (FE-Design GmbH)

Optimization of a Parallel Kinematic Machine Tool through Combination of Hybrid Multi Body Simulation and Topology Optimization – Possibilities and Limits of a New Method

J. Fleischer, A. Broos, J. P. Schmidt-Ewig (wbk Institute of Production Science, University of Karlsruhe)

Abaqus in Multi-Body Simulations

M. Küssner (Abaqus Deutschland GmbH)

Simulation of Adaptive Systems with Elastic Multibody Dynamics

J. Wuchatsch, U. Gabbert (University of Magdeburg)

Papers are available to NAFEMS Members to download. Please login to download these documents. To find out more about the benefits of NAFEMS membership, click here.


Event Type: Seminar
Location: Wiesbaden Germany
Date: October 27, 2004