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NAFEMS Work Session on the Management of Simulation Data


Take Control of Your Analysis and Simulation Data


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Today, many manufacturers are facing tremendous challenges related to the storage and retrieval of simulation data. Product Data Management (PDM) systems are not capable of handling the terabytes of information which are generated as a result of performing these complex simulations. Simulation Data Management (SDM) provides a mechanism for the storage, management, and retrieval of this performance-related data. This work session addresses this breakthrough technology by helping participants better understand the benefits gained from implementing a Simulation Data Management system and how to save time, reduce development costs, and improve time-to-market.


  1. Define SDM
  2. Establish the importance of SDM
  3. Differentiate Product Data Management (PDM) from Simulation Data Management (SDM)
  4. Review benefits gained through the use of an SDM system
  5. Determine the typical environment in which data would be managed and where it would best be implemented
  6. Review various vendor strategies to address the management of simulation data ( view additional details )


Simulation Data Management with Interoperability Across Domains - Dr. Andreas Schreiber and Mr. Paul W. Downing, ProSTEP

Abstract   | Bio   | Presentation

* * * * *

An Integration Framework for Product Lifecycle Management - Dr. Vijay (Srini) Srinivasan, IBM  

Abstract   | Bio   | Presentation

* * * * *

Simulation Data Management Requirements Driven by Automated Simulation Executions - Mr. JP Evans and Mr. Wei-Shan Chiang , Engineous

Abstract   | Bio: Evans  & Chiang   | Presentation

* * * * *

Lessons Learned: Key Issues in Implementing SDM Systems - Mr. Steve Kramer, MSC.Software

Abstract   | Bio  | Presentation

* * * * *

Critical Elements For Deploying Simulation Lifecycle Management - Mr. Shawn Freeman , SIMULIA

Abstract   | Bio   | Presentation

* * * * *

Simulation Data and Process Management: Why PLM Integration is Critical - Mr. Eric Riedy , Siemens UGS PLM Software  

Abstract   | Bio   | Presentation

* * * * *

End-to-End Decision Support System, the Next Breakthrough for CAE   – Mr. Michael Bloor , ESI Group   

Abstract   | Bio   | Presentation

* * * * *

Product Performance Data Management - A Unified Approach to Product Design and Validation - Mr. Yeshwant Mummaneni , Altair Engineering   

Abstract   | Bio   | Presentation


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