Aircraft structural assemblies such as landing gears are often modelled with simplified FEM using rods, beams and shells elements. These so called ‘stick model’ or Global Finite Element Model (GFEM) are used to evaluate the assembly internal loads in order to perform the safety margin calculation on the detail components. Generally the modelling is assuming no local moment transferred at the lug joints for simplification even if these were designed with straight sleeves instead of spherical bearings. Also, it is a challenge to calculate such bending and torsion load effects on any detail lug and joint strength. This presentation is inspired on a case that was re-analyzed using a refined model with 3D elements and contacts at all major internal joints. Once combined with a developed detail lug analysis FEM methodology this approach revealed the static strength of the assembly was significantly higher than initially predicted with classical approach whereas the fatigue strength was reduced.

About the Speaker

Mr. André Montpetit, Bombardier

Systems Stress and FEM into Core Engineering

Systems Stress and FEM into Core Engineering

Academic background

  • Mechanical Engineering Degree from École de Technologie Supérieure(ÉTS), Montréal, August 2007
  • New Graduate training, August-October 1996
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Technical College (École Nationale d’Aérotechnique-ÉNA), Saint-Hubert, May 1996 (DEC en construction aéronautique)
  • Space Academy Level II (Space Camp), Hunstville, Alabama, March 1992 (during high school)

Professional background

  • 1996 –Now: Bombardier Aerospace Montreal Canada
    • 96-98 Liaison Engineering [ MRB ] (Challenger/RJ/GX/Amphibie) [plant 3]
    • 98-03 Design Engineering
      • Support to manufacturing [plant 3]
      • Doors/Syst. Inst’l/Airframe/etc… [plant 1]
      • Some SixSigma and DFSS activities [plant 3 & CA]
    • 03-07 Part-time (Work BA & University ÉTS) and ‘Stages’ (Systems Eng. group & India [2005-BIC] )
    • 07-15 System’s Stress and FEM into Core Engineering [CA & BAN 1]

Other Professional activities

  • Instructor for New Graduate Training program at BA :
    • Sheet-Metal Detail Design
    • Practical Structural Design Knowledge
    • Some introduction-to-stress training

  • École Polytechnique Montréal :
    • Support Stress and Structural Test ‘aspects’ for students into CAMAQ project
    • Teaching Course R-250 into ‘Aerospace Certificate I’ [ Introduction to Static and Mechanics of Material ]