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Simulation & Digital Twins: Behind the Buzzwords

Simulation & Digital Twins:Behind the Buzzwords


  • What is a "Digital Twin"?
  • Are we all on the same page with what the phrase implies?
  • What are the key concepts that differentiate the "Digital Twin" from your common garden "Digital Prototype"?
  • Do you believe The Hype surrounding the concept?


Join us for this unique eSeminar " Simulation & Digital Twins: Behind the Buzzwords", part of our "The (digital) Hype" series, which aims to look beyond the spin and delve deeper into the reality behind some of today's most cutting-edge concepts, and how they really relate to simulation.

The eSeminar brings together the major software vendors in a uniquely neutral platform, to discuss their definitions of Digital Twin, some of the work they are doing in the space, and the barriers standing in the way of full adoption.

Throughout this free online event, you will be able to put your questions to the presenters and hear our organisation committee question the presenters themselves.

Presentation and Event Recordings

The Presentations and Event Recordings are now available to view on our resource centre by clicking here.


Start TimePresenterTitleOrganisation
15:00 Tim Morris NAFEMS CEO Believe the Hype? - Digital Twins NAFEMS
Session 1 - Overview of the Digital Twin Concept
15:05 Fatma Kocer
Digital Twin – An Engineers’ Perspective
15:27 David Barnes
Leveraging the 3DExperience Twin for the Next Generation of Asset Maintenance
15:50 Alex Read
Digital Twin: Requirements, Influence on Design and the Path Forward
16:12 Sameer Kher
Simulation Based Digital Twins
16:35 Break
Session 2 - Integrating Physical Test Data and Engineering Simulations
16:40 Francisco Chinesta
Virtual, Digital and Hybrid Twins: Towards a new paradigm for simulation-based engineering.
17:02 Eddy Dascotte
The Combined Use of Simulation and Test Data: From Test Planning to Response Estimation
17:25 Sinan Soğancı
Multiphysics Cardiovascular Simulations based on Medical Imaging and Electromechanical Models
17:47 Najib Baig
Materials and the digital twin: how to integrate test and simulation data
18:10 Break
Session 3 - Approaches for Implementing the Digital Twin Concept
18:15 Giovanni Borzi
Model based approaches to Digital Twin


18:37 Mark Andrews
Managing Big Data From Simulations


19:00 Boris Marovic
A Successful Application of the Digital Twin Starts as Early as Possible


19:22 Danilo Di StefanoMetamodelling approach to the digital transformation
19:45 Ian Symington Feedback, access to event recordings presentations & follow on event NAFEMS
this list of presentations is provisional and subject to change

The April 2018 edition of Benchmark Magazine also digs a little deeper and investigates the role that simulation plays in this topic, providing expert opinion from our working groups, and articles from both industry and academia.

Event organisation committee

NAFEMS would like to thank the following individuals for their support as part of the event organisation committee.

Neil Ashton University of Oxford
NAFEMS Computational Fluid Dynamics Working Group
Rodney Dreisbach

Independent Consultant
NAFEMS Council Member, NAFEMS Americas Chairman, NAFEMS Analysis Management, Education & Training, Simulation Data Management, Stochastic and Systems Modelling & Simulation and Working Group
Gordon May
NAFEMS Stochastic Working Group
Louise Wright National Physical Laboratory NAFEMS Computational Structural Mechanics (Vice Chairman) & Stochastic Working Groups
Anas Yaghi Manufacturing Technology Centre NAFEMS Manufacturing Process Simulation Working Group (Vice Chairman)

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