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Frequently Asked Questions

PSE Certification


PSE Frequently Asked Questions

I recently achieved certification can I include my award in my email signature?

Yes, individuals who have been award STANDARD or ADVANCED level PSE Certification in at least one Technical Area are encouraged to include their PSE award in their email signature.These individuals are also entitled to use the PSE Certified logo. Candidates are not expected to include details of the Technical Areas or Levels in which they have been awarded certification in their signature. An example signature for an engineer with a Masters Degree in Engineering, Chartered Engineers Status and PSE certification at STANDARD or ADVANCED level is provided below:

Can I note my PSE certification on my LinkedIn Profile?

Yes you can add your PSE Certification by completing this form.

In the "Certification Name" option use the text "NAFEMS Professional Simulation Engineer - xxx" where xxx is the highest level of PSE certification that you have achieved [Entry/Standard/Advanced], or 'Founding Member', if applicable.

The Certification Authority is "NAFEMS". The PSE Certificate number should entered in the License Number field. The date of your PSE award and the Expiry date should be included and the certification URL should be directed to About PSE Certification Page.

How much is the application fee?

The application fee that is applicable can be found on the Application Fee web page. The cost of Standard or Advanced level PSE Certification for a NAFEMS member is £250.

How can I apply for PSE Certification?

You can apply for PSE Certification online here.

Are NAFEMS members automatically certified as PSEs?

No, all individuals wishing to achieve PSE Certification must complete the same application and assessment process. NAFEMS members receive a discount when applying for PSE Certification.

Is PSE Certification available to non-members of NAFEMS?

Yes, both members and non-members can apply for Certification.

How long is the certificate valid for?

Any assessment resulting in certification has limited currency. When granted, certification is valid for a period of three years. Three years from the date of certification you will be contacted to ask if you would like to remain on the PSE Register. Details of the renewal process can be found on the Maintenance & Renewal web pages.

Is it mandatory to use the PSE Competency Tracker to support my application?

No it is not a requirement of certification that the PSE Competency Tracker be used. It is, however, strongly recommended. The competencies found in the PSE Competency Tracker provide an indication of the topics that are likely to be covered in a Standard or Advanced level certification interview.

As an applicant, you can register to access your own account on the Competency Tracker. You are strongly advised to use this and identify which of the competency statements you feel confident apply to you. This information should then be exported to a PDF file, and uploaded in support of your application.

How can I register to access the PSE Competency Tracker?

PSE Applicants can register to use the Competency Tracker on the PSE Competency Tracker section.

How many Technical Areas can be assessed during a PSE Certification interview?

A maximum of 4 Technical Areas can be assessed during a PSE Certification interview. If a candidate has applied for a large number of Technical Areas then extended or multiple certification interviews will be arranged with the candidate at an additional cost.

If the assessors need to spend additional time investigating a candidate's competence in a particular Technical Area then it is likely that the assessors will not be able to make an award in 4 Technical Areas during a PSE Certification interview.

Is PSE Certification the same as becoming a Chartered Engineer?

PSE Certification is not intended to be a competitor to or a replacement for Chartered Engineer status. The two qualifications complement one another with Chartered Engineer status demonstrating a breadth of knowledge and experience across many disciplines that are of relevance to all professional engineers, whereas PSE is focused on engineering simulation and demonstrates a depth of expertise in that technology.

Does the NAFEMS PSE certification program have any external oversight?

The NAFEMS PSE Certification program is regularly audited by the Engineering Council. As a Professional Affiliate NAFEMS works closely with the Engineering Council when revising our processes and documentation.


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