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NAFEMS Training & PSE

NAFEMS Training & PSE

The training courses that are accredited by NAFEMS are an excellent resource if you are looking to develop your competence and start working towards becoming "PSE Certified".

Select the Technical Area from the list below to see the training courses that will help you progress towards certification in this area.


Core Technical Areas

Core FEA

Core CFD

Engineering Fundamentals Technical Areas

Beams, Membranes, Plates & Shells

Mechanics of Elasticity & Strength of Materials

Fundamentals of Heat, Flow & Mass Transfer

Physical Domain Technical Areas

Buckling & Instability

Dynamics & Vibration

Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour

Advanced Numerical Methods Technical Areas

Mulitscale Analysis

Nonlinear geometric Effects & Contact


Probabilistic Analysis

Advanced Material Modelling Technical Areas

Materials for Analysis & Simulation


Flaw Assessment & Fracture Mechanics


Composite Materials & Structures

Creep & Time Dependency

Analysis Management Technical Areas

Management General

Verification & Validation

PLM Integration & CAE-CAE Collaboration

Simulation Process & Data Management