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PSE Certification

Setting the Standard with PSE Certification

PSE Certification is achieved by an independent assessment of workplace competency supplemented by attestations from referees who are familiar with the candidates simulation experience.  

The Certification requires the accumulation of competency through workplace experience in the specification, planning, execution and interpretation of numerical analysis applied to design, simulation or product verification, and adequate performance in executing these functions to the required standard. It also requires competency in core Technical Areas to show an appropriate level of underpinning theoretical knowledge and sufficient product knowledge to enable the analyst to understand the context, purpose and value of their analysis work.

PSE Certification targets both the experienced analyst and the newcomer to simulation. The experienced simulation engineer is required to present documented and attested evidence of academic and workplace competency to become certified. A newcomer to simulation should be targeting Entry level PSE Certification with a view to developing the competencies required for Standard level PSE. It is expected that the newcomer is following a structured training programme under the guidance of a suitably qualified industrial mentor.
PSE Certification has been designed to:

  1. Recognise and record achievement by award of a formal certification following an independent assessment of workplace competency
  2. Assist companies in demonstrating the competency of staff to external organisations
  3. Promote best practice in engineering analysis
  4. Increase the pool of competent engineering analysts, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of industry
  5. Provide a recognised standard of competency for the international simulation community