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SAFESA (SAFE S tructural A nalysis) is a project that was undertaken by 5 UK companies with the support of the Department of Trade and Industry. The basis of the SAFESA approach is to formalise the structural qualification process such that the opportunity for error is minimised. The approach involves identification, quantification and treatment of errors, which are identified by their sources and progressively reduced to acceptable levels by suitable treatment.

R0039 ,   SAFESA,   SAFESA Quick Reference Manual, no date.

This is the SAFESA Quick Reference Guide. It is an aide-memoire for users familiar with the SAFESA methodology, being a summary reference of the Technical Manual. (R0041).

R0040 ,   SAFESA,   SAFESA Management Guidelines, no date.

This is the SAFESA Management Guidelines document. It gives an overview of best current practice relating to the qualification of structures by finite elements. Although structural qualification can be carried out by test, experience or analysis, or a combination of these, this document is concerned primarily with analytical approaches, possibly supported by test and experience.

R0041 ,   SAFESA,   SAFESA Technical Manual, no date.

This is the SAFESA Technical Manual. It provides a detailed description of the SAFESA approach and explains the reasoning behind it. A lot of information is given, along with useful examples.