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Quality Systems and Management

Quality Systems and Management

The various aspects of Quality Assurance and Quality Systems are covered, with the view to ensuring conformity with the accrediting bodies that may affect the use of finite element technology. In addition, the Registered Analyst scheme is a recognised user qualification, which has become a kite-mark of the user’s ability to conduct prescribed types of analyses in various application areas.

R0013,   NAFEMS,   Quality System Supplement to BS EN ISO 9001 Relating To Engineering Analysis in The Design and Integrity Demonstration of Engineered Products, 1999.

This QSS is intended to interpret the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 in the particular context of engineering analysis. The report contains a lot of useful information and is subjected to periodic review.

R0064,   Smith, J,   NAFEMS Quality Assurance Procedures for Engineering Analysis, 1999.

The objective of this document is to assist suppliers of engineering analysis services to approach quality certification to Quality Systems BS EN ISO 9001 and NAFEMS Quality System Supplement to BS EN ISO 9001. The procedures have been reviewed and deemed compliant against the requirements of the above standards by an ISO 9001 lead assessor. It is intended that the procedures should be as simple as possible, while satisfying the requirements of the controlling standard. The report contains lots of useful information and is up to date. However, it will need revision as QA philosophies change with time, and to accommodate new concepts of ISO 9001:2000.

QSS001,   Smith, J M,   Engineering Simulation - Quality Management Systems - Requirements, 2007.

QSS001 is a quality management system supplement for engineering simulation, conforming to the internationally recognised quality standard ISO 9001:2000. Proper application of QSS001 should ensure that quality principles are built into the simulation process at a fundamental level. This facilitates evaluation and control of quality at every stage of the process, enabling engineering simulations to be consistently carried out to the required professional standards.

R0099,   Smith, J M , Quality Management in Engineering Simulation: A Primer for NAFEMS QSS, 2008.

This Primer explains and elaborates the requirements of NAFEMS QSS001:2007, which is a supplement to quality standard ISO 9001:2000 specialised for applications in engineering simulation. It is neither industry nor application specific, and can be used to assist organisations in developing and implementing a quality management system, or in adapting to, or integrating with, an existing quality system. With the aid of the Primer, an organisation should be able to develop a quality management system either for internal application or for self or third party certification, without undue reference to either ISO 9001 or QSS001.

NAFRA,   NAFEMS,   Registered Analyst Booklet, occasionally updated.

This booklet describes the conditions and requirements relating to the NAFEMS Registered Analyst (RA) scheme. The information is detailed enough to guide prospective RA applicants through the relevant application forms.