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FENET is an EU-funded thematic network which involved over 110 European organisations from many key industrial sectors and was developed between 2001 and 2005. The network sought to coordinate activities within Europe aimed at improving both the quality of industrial applications of finite element technology and the level of confidence that could be placed in the computed results. The principal objective was to collate and structure existing information and to facilitate the efficient exchange of experience and knowledge within and between different EU industrial sectors.

QAIC10A,   FENET Meeting Proceedings, Malta, 17th – 20th May 2005,   Summary of Project Findings, 2005.

This contains the papers presented at the final meeting of the FENET project in May 2005. It is composed of individual reports from the coordinators responsible for each industrial sector, each technology area, and education and dissemination.

R0088 ,   Yaghi, A, and Becker, A A, State of the Art Review - Weld Simulation Using Finite Element Methods, 2005.

This FENET project deliverable introduces numerical techniques for the modelling of welds. Included are the physical reasons for the importance of simulating weld processes, and details of thermal and mechanical finite element analyses required to accurately represent them.

R0089 , Wood, J, Procedural Benchmarks for Common Fabrication Details in Plate/Shell Structures, 2005.

This FENET project deliverable describes a round robin exercise examining the procedures used in the various industry sectors for the modelling and assessment of common fabrication details in plate/shell construction, and from them to establish best practice courses. Three main benchmark tests were used in the round-robin, for which detailed finite element analysis results are presented along with summary results from various contributors.

R0094 ,   Konter, A W A,   Advanced Finite Element Contact Benchmarks, 2006.

This FENET project deliverable is the final FENET report of a project to identify and define a set of advanced contact benchmarks suitable for finite element analysts. Five different geometries are recognised each exhibiting important features which include: 3D contact, frictional stick-slip in contact area, 2D/3D linear versus quadractic element comparisons, shell contact, large strain contact, metal forming, mesh dependency, rubber compression and rolling contact. Target finite element solutions are also presented.