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Management of Finite Element Analysis

Management of Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis management involves statements of best practice for use of such codes, for the sake of efficient and accurate analysis.

R0033,   Beattie, G A,   Management Of Finite Element Analysis - Guidelines To Best Practice, 1995.

Commissioned by the QAWG. The objective of this document is two-fold. The first is to give an overview of Quality Management Systems, including their operation, maintenance and particular application to finite element analysis. Secondly, it is a reference document for those involved in the creation, operation and maintenance of QMS for use with FE analysis. The report contains a lot of useful information

GDS,   NAFEMS,   Guidelines to Finite Element Practice, 1992.

These Guidelines guide users of finite element software to achieve high quality results based on sensible and accurate input. Coverage includes static, dynamic and thermal analyses.