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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Systems SimulationMuller. GEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee
Exploring the Design Freedom of Additive Manufacturing through SimulationsEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee
CFD Methods for the Simulation of Heat TransferNAFEMSEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
Simulation & Digital Twins - Behind the BuzzwordsNAFEMSEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
NAFEMS Nordic Conference 2014Event ProceedingsNAFEMS Nordic Steering Committee
Coupled MBS-FE Applications: A New Trend in SimulationEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS CSMWG NAFEMS MBDWG
Simulation of Composites - A Closed Process ChainEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee
Computational AeroacousticsMendonca. FEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS CFDWG
Simulation-Based OptimizationNAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering CommitteeEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS Eastern Europe Steering Committee
The Impact of Digitisation on Engineering and Manufacturing SimulationNAFEMS UK Steering CommitteeEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS UK Steering Committee