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Publication Title Author Type Organisation
A Designers' Guide to CFDClapp. M Hendrickson. J Jamais. S Parry. JWebinar8020 Engineering ANSYS Cambridge Consultants Mentor
Introduction to Surrogate Modelling and Surrogate-Based OptimizationCouckuyt. IWebinarGhent University
Generative Design Powered by Embedded Intelligence: The Next Design Frontier?Xu. S Vlahino. AWebinarGeneral Motors Advanced Engineering Solutions
Sanity Checks - Talking Shop with Tony AbbeyAbbey. TWebinarFETraining
Where Do We Get the Courage to Sign the Blueprint?Szabó. B Actis. RWebinarESRD
Design, Build and Testing of the World’s Fastest Car: Bloodhound LSREvans. BWebinarSwansea University
From SysML to Mars: Mars2020's MBSE InfusionFosse. EWebinarNASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Importance of Numerical Analysis for Understanding Rock Slope BehaviourBarla. GWebinarChongqing University
Multiscale Modelling - Bridging Different ScalesWright. LWebinarNational Physical Laboratory
Business Challenges: Vendor & End-User CollaborationBalabanov. V Frenzel. MWebinarThe Boeing Company BMW