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A Designers' Guide to CFDClapp. MPublicationNAFEMS
The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge Volume 2Ramsay. APublicationNAFEMS
How to Build and Manage Simulation Engineer CompetencyPrinja. NPublicationNAFEMS
What is Simulation Governance and Management?Simulation Governance and Management Working GroupPublicationNAFEMS
What is Systems Modeling and Simulation?Burkhart. R Coleman. P Dreisbach. R Popielas. F Tummescheit. H PublicationSystems Modeling and Simulation Working Group
NAFEMS Composites Simulation Review: Volume 1Composites Working GroupPublicationNAFEMS
Why Do Discrete Element AnalysisPeters. B Donoso. APublicationNAFEMS
The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge Volume 1Ramsay. APublicationNAFEMS
What are Particle and Meshless Methods?NAFEMS Computational Structural Mechanics Working GroupPublicationNAFEMS
What is Uncertainty Quantification (UQ)?NAFEMS Stochastics Working GroupPublicationNAFEMS